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Free Self-Care Support Line for COVID-19

For a 20-minute coaching session on coping with stress in your work or personal life during Covid-19, schedule a private call with a trained coach.

When you call, you’ll be prompted to leave a voicemail with the best time to schedule your appointment.

When you email, please include your name, phone number, and the best day and time for your appointment.

Then, you’ll receive a prompt email or call back confirming the day and time you can expect a call from one of our coaches. Calls will be kept confidential and private. This is a partnership between LeadingAge MN Foundation and Associated Clinic of Pyschology supported by the Minnesota Department of Human Services.

Bouncing Back: The Art of Building Resilience.

All Kinds of Medicine

All Kinds of Medicine

As a worker in senior care facilities, you are surrounded by medications and people who need them. You are also surrounded by medicine that doesn’t come in pill form: yourself. Whether you realize it or not, the warm greetings, personal cares, active listening and attentiveness that you provide is healing medicine. You have more of an impact than you realize on your residents, colleagues and certainly at home. Being a caregiver is important to you, or you wouldn’t be in your role. Resilience...

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Good Enough Frame of Mind

Good Enough Frame of Mind

During COVID-19, feeling less helpful or effective than usual has been a theme for many of us working in senior care facilities. The demands of our personal and professional lives often outweigh our time or energy. Also, we often feel we cannot complete all the helping tasks we would like or would be able to do under “normal” (e.g., Non-Covid) circumstances. The pandemic leaves us limited because we cannot complete tasks or engage in caring gestures in the ways we are used to: exchanging warm...

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How Long Can We be Resilient?

How Long Can We be Resilient?

You’re in good company if you’ve noticed some extra discouragement or frustration during a time when we have some glimmers of COVID-19 hope: vaccines have arrived and ben delivered, rates of death and hospitalization are why do we feel so discouraged, tired or overwhelmed again? There are a number of things that are also happening that may make this time as difficult as any other throughout the pandemic: Despite vaccines, many restrictions remain; it may be some time prior to...

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Meet Dr. Alyson VanAhn, Lead for COVID-19 Staff Coping & Support Line

Alyson VanAhn Ph.D. LP, Psychologist, Associated Clinic of Psychology, Minneapolis, MN.

This project is sponsored by a LeadingAge MN Foundation grant through the Minnesota Department of Human Services.


Is this open to all staff?

Yes, any staff person who works at a LeadingAge Minnesota member senior care organization can use this service.

What is the cost?

The is free to all staff from a LeadingAge MN Foundation grant through the Minnesota Department of Human Services.

Will anything I say be shared with my employer or the funder?

Call content will be kept confidential and not shared with employers or funders.

Is this a crisis line where a person will answer immediately?

No, you can leave a message to schedule a 20-minute coaching session. If you need immediate help, you can use the Minnesota Crisis Text Line available 24 hours a day, every day. Text “MN” to 74174 or Call **CRISIS (**274747).

Can my team sign up for a group coaching call?

Yes, you can schedule a coaching call for your team. Send an email to make your request.

Is this counseling or therapy?

No, but your coach from the COVID-19 Coping & Support line may suggest further assistance.