We have talked a lot about stress that COVID has added to our personal and professional lives. You’ve likely practiced some new and old ways of coping that allow you to bounce back and move forward despite it. But what about prolonged feelings of fatigue, questioning whether you can or should continue in your professional and personal roles?

These are signs you might be feeling burned out. It’s a logical outcome of enduring the extra demands and stressors that COVID has brought to folks working in senior care. And it can be conquered, and you can feel effective and satisfied in your job and other roles again, even when you might believe it.

Today or this week remind yourself that burnout is an outcome of working in all your demanding roles during a very trying time. It is not your fault. Take time to decide you’ll wait before making any big changes personally or professionally – just long enough to gain perspective on the situation. You don’t have to make big changes right now. Remember small changes and resilience skills like breathing, exercising, connecting with others to feel less alone in feeling burned out can make a big difference immediately, which translates into longer lasting wellbeing.