As a worker in senior care facilities, you are surrounded by medications and people who need them. You are also surrounded by medicine that doesn’t come in pill form: yourself.

Whether you realize it or not, the warm greetings, personal cares, active listening and attentiveness that you provide is healing medicine. You have more of an impact than you realize on your residents, colleagues and certainly at home.

Being a caregiver is important to you, or you wouldn’t be in your role. Resilience is depleted when we shortchange ourselves of the type of “medicine” we provide for others.  

This week take a moment to notice the kinds of healing “medicine” you’re providing for others (a pleasant exchange, a quick response to a call light, a resolution for coworker or family member distress). Then take just as long to turn your healing powers on yourself: what fills you up and provides “medicine” for your wellbeing? If it’s a friend, reach out. If it’s a moment outdoors to take off your mask, go for it. 

Please remember what you provide is invaluable, just as important as any pill that passed. Also remember to soak up some of your own medicine and allow others to provide it for you in whatever form is most healing. This will allow you to keep up the healing efforts for others.