During COVID-19, feeling less helpful or effective than usual has been a theme for many of us working in senior care facilities. The demands of our personal and professional lives often outweigh our time or energy.

Also, we often feel we cannot complete all the helping tasks we would like or would be able to do under “normal” (e.g., Non-Covid) circumstances.

The pandemic leaves us limited because we cannot complete tasks or engage in caring gestures in the ways we are used to: exchanging warm smiles, helping people physically, sharing affection and meals with loved ones and co-workers or residents.

When you feel unable to do your best, it can be helpful to grant yourself permission to do “good enough.” Focusing on how you were helpful to one person or on one issue is an example. Finding a moment to simply connect with one person for a few seconds during a cares or friendly interaction is another.

Reminding yourself that your sense of “good enough” is likely very helpful to people even if you feel you’d like to do more or better.

Small gestures of compassion for yourself such as those listed above can help accept that you are still doing a good job in the face of major COVID-19-related stressors.  

More information on accepting the “good enough” you are doing to build resilience and improve well-being: