You’re in good company if you’ve noticed some extra discouragement or frustration during a time when we have some glimmers of COVID-19 hope: vaccines have arrived and ben delivered, rates of death and hospitalization are down…so why do we feel so discouraged, tired or overwhelmed again?

There are a number of things that are also happening that may make this time as difficult as any other throughout the pandemic: Despite vaccines, many restrictions remain; it may be some time prior to vaccinations reaching a majority of folks who need it; we are still very restricted in our activities; there are new strains and fears about this pandemic continuing despite all the progress toward ending it.

The list goes on. If you’re feeling discouraged, and like there’s no end in sight you may question your ability to keep resilience going.   

The good news is, bouncing back is designed to happen again and again. Even when your stamina runs out, the ways to get back to feeling better haven’t changed and you will return to them:

  • Label your frustration, irritability, fatigue, any emotions as “part of the deal” and not a shortcoming of yours.
  • What relaxation strategies have you missed lately with all the stress? Get back to just one that can give you a break: deep breaths, moving yourself physically through exercise or stretching, etc.
  • Communicate: if you see your co-workers or staff struggling, reach out privately and connect (“You don’t seem like your regular cheerful self, is there anything going on or anything I can help with?”). 
  • Do the above for yourself first. What kind of respite can you give yourself to regain a bit of energy to keep going?
  • Notice any positives when you are feeling calm. What are some good signs of progress in the pandemic? What has gone well in your life recently?