You’ve likely heard of hitting “the wall” as a term used to describe the point when you feel you can’t keep going. COVID-19 has its own special (or not so special) “walls:” the kind when you feel more exhausted, irritable, tense than you thought was possible. At this time, “bouncing back” might seem impossible. The good news is, it’s not.

For today, we want you to know that “the wall” is simply part of human responding to a prolonged disaster with uncertain ending. It has nothing to do with your abilities! In order to knock down the wall (or climb over it) more quickly, don’t try harder.

Instead: REST. Recognize what this is (a part of a process), remind yourself you’ll get to the other side (even if you don’t believe that right now) and rest (if even for a few extra minutes).

Taking a break from “trying harder” may be exactly what allows you to bounce back from each “wall” that COVID-19 throws in your path.

Quick ways to do this can include getting a change of scenery, planning something to look forward to in the future, and protecting some time to “disengage” from media, your family and work demands even very briefly. Reminding yourself that you WILL get to the other side (even if you don’t always believe that) is a great way to “rest” your worries. You are NOT ALONE! For further support, the COVID-19 Staff Coping and Support Hotline is one of many resources free to you…please use it!, 612-455-8656