COVID-19 has thrown everyone’s life into unknown territory. We have lost routines, rituals, celebrations and so many other things. This means we’ve also lost control, which turns out to be very important for our well-being.

 A sense of control or “autonomy” is good for our physical and mental health. Right now, that sense is at an all-time low for most of us. That’s the bad news. The good news is we can regain it with even the smallest adjustments to how we move through our days.

To restore a sense of control, you can do something as simple as any movement of your body (really!). Breathing in and out, moving a limb or two gives your brain a reminder that it can control your body. While it might seem minor to you, it can go a long way toward giving you a better sense of control and therefore well-being.

To increase this positive outcome, make these exercises deliberate and part of a routine. Keeping to a schedule and having regular routines around waking, eating, going to bed or anything else can improve our feeling of autonomy.

With practice, you can notice how many ways you actually are in control of your life, despite how “out of control” this pandemic makes you feel.