Resilience While Grieving

While senior care staff are aware that their residents may die while in care, losing a resident during these COVID-19 days can be even more difficult. It can affect folks who worked closely with that person as well as those who have less direct contact with residents.  

In the last blog post, we discussed how acknowledging the impact of COVID can have resilience-building effects. Today we’re sharing that grief, too can become an opportunity for bouncing back—as long as we see it that way.

To get through the grief you experience, try acknowledging that your emotions—anxiety, fatigue, anger, sadness, relief, shock—are normal. These feelings come directly from the losses you are experiencing.

Then work to talk about these experiences with someone you trust.

  • Share memories with co-workers, laugh about stories you shared with the resident or loved one who died, and find a way to memorialize the Deceased.
  • Can you pause for a moment in silence? Are there traditions you have in your personal life that help through the grieving process? Sharing may foster good feelings in light of the loss.
  • If you need to distract yourself to “break” from grieving, do that too.

You are not weak or unrealistic to experience grief over losses that may have been expected along with those that were a surprise…you are human. The death toll of COVID—from the disease itself, isolation, other medical complications—is overwhelming and persistent.

By being proactive in the face of grief, you can bounce back to face more uncertainties ahead.