It’s difficult to know the “right” way to do things when the rules change so quickly—like

during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s also easy to become fatigued and frustrated when you are working hard, but not feeling as effective or helpful as usual.

At this time, “recognizing wins” becomes important for us all to maintain motivation and a sense of doing our job well. This is especially true for those who work in senior care environments during this trying time.

For this installment, we are especially emphasizing compliments and appreciations as a helpful thing to “do” in order to build your resilience. Whether the compliment is for yourself or a colleague, saying it out loud will foster resilience and give a “break” from the stress of the day. Who do you appreciate at work and why? Let them know even very briefly.

Try it, notice how you feel afterward, keep going and stay tuned more small ways to improve your experience at work and build resilience. Thank you for all you do!

For further information on teambuilding during crisis: