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Reduce Staff Stress with New Online Training

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Behavioral Health Training Series:

Improving Care with Curiosity and Empathy

Are your direct care staff stressed?

Caring for seniors with depression, anxiety, personality disorders and more can be a daily challenge. Equip your staff to reduce their stress in these situations by using this new online course.

The series features six 10-minute video tutorials with clinical psychologist Dr. John Brose plus a workbook and facilitator’s guide.

Order “Behavioral Health Training Series: Improving Care with Curiosity and Empathy” today!

Modules include:

Understanding the Behavioral Health Continuum

Working with Anxiety and Depression in Older Adults

Meeting People Where They Are

Preparing for Your Day

Aligning Expectations with Reality

Boosting Your Effectiveness

Featuring Dr. John Brose

Gerontologist and Behavioral Health Expert

Dr. John E. Brose, Licensed Psychologist, is the owner and Clinic Director of  Associated Clinic of Psychology (ACP). Under his leadership, ACP has become the leading community and clinic-based mental health organization in the Twin Cities.  Dr. Brose oversees over 200 clinicians that provide behavioral health and psychiatry services to various clinical populations in their six outpatient clinics, over 175 nursing homes, plus many group homes, assisted living, and memory care facilities.

Throughout his 39-year career, Dr. Brose has predominantly focused on interaction between medical and psychological issues, consistently expanding the understanding of the aging experience and improving care for older adults. He is a  pioneer and leading national authority on aging and behavioral health issues and lectures locally and nationally, in addition to his full-time clinical work.

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Do I watch the course online?

Yes, when you order your course, you will receive an email with links to watch or download the videos and links to download the workbook and facilitator’s guide. The web links can be shared with direct caregivers so that they can complete the course, or the files can be saved to your organization’s intranet for people to access while they are at work.

How long is the course?

Each of the six course sections will take between 30-60 minutes each, depending on how much time the user takes doing workbook exercises and practice activities. Each video is between 10-12 minutes long. Estimated total time to complete videos and the workbook is about 5 hours.

How much does the course cost?

If your organization is a member of LeadingAge Minnesota, there is no charge for the course. If you are not a member, the course (including 6 videos, workbook, and facilitator’s guide) is $225.00 A non-member only needs to purchase one course, as one download can be shared and used with all staff.

How many people can complete the course?

An unlimited number of people can view the videos and use the workbook.

Is this a scheduled webinar?

No, this is an on-demand course. It can be completed individually or in a group setting. The facilitator’s guide contains a sample schedule over a six-month period.

Do I get CEUs for watching the course?

CEUs are not included with this course. Some professionals may choose to submit content to their licensing board if they determine it fits specified requirements.